How to get Spaceships

Buy or Rent Spaceship NFTs #NFT
You can get spaceships in multiple ways:
  • From the Forge, where you will find freshly minted spaceships. Coming with 30% cashback in $MUST sent directly in-game as you send your ship in-game via the bridge to be able to enjoy the game right away.
  • From Opensea: Secondary Market , where players are selling ships they no longer use or which to profit from.
    • Opensea Layer 1: Buy ships on Ethereum Layer 1. You will need to use the bridge to transfer and play with them.
    • Opensea Layer 2: Buy ships on Ethereum Layer 2. You will be able to play with them right away.
  • From the Tube, some spaceships are mintable with DUST. Dust let the players unlock perks, upgrades(coming soon) and rare spaceships in the game, it is generated by stacking $MUST.
Refer to the must section to learn more about dust :
The Tube 🧪
By stacking MUST in the Tube, you will daily generate Dust.

Opensea Layer 1 ( ethereum )

New spaceships from the forge Here (with cashback) Here you can buy cometh spaceships from second hand market directly (no cashback) When you buy your spaceship, you will have to pay an Ethereum transaction (watch the gwei) (making an offer with WETH on opensea will spare you the transaction fee)
Opensea Layer 2 (Matic)
If you are familiar with the Matic network, you can also find some second hand spaceships, directly on Layer 2 (on layer 2 there are almost no fees)
If you want to try the game without investing in a ship, you can rent a spaceship directly from the players :