A DeFi powered space game with yield generating NFTs (spaceships)

What is Cometh? Cometh in french

Cometh is a groundbreaking and evolving strategy game set in a persistent and sustainable space-inspired metaverse powered by Ethereum's blockchain.
The Cometh game consists in players mining asteroids to get tokens as rewards.
Cometh’s ecosystem leverages Ethereum-based DeFi (Decentralized Finance) in a fun and original way to enable players to collect, trade, and earn tokens from ERC-20 protocols, and also NFT’s unique to the Cometh Metaverse. On you can see applications and tools composing the Cometh Metaverse.
Cometh leverages ‘layer 2’ scaling solutions including both Polygon (formerly Matic) and (soon) Arbitrum’s Optimistic Rollups so that players can focus on the game instead of blockchain-related fees.
After you Enter the game, discover How to play and mine your first comets ☄️
Live footage of a honest space farmer, mining a comet with his spaceship

2. You've played. What's next?

Have you just mined a comet? Learn What to do after mining
Want to learn how to leverage your earnings? Read more more about the farm/earn token mechanics.

ComethSwap is the next step !

3. Use ComethSwap to leverage your rewards

Learn everything you need to know about ComethSwap here

4. Learn more about Spaceships

To play, you will need a spaceship NFT 🛸
Players can visit our shop on Opensea and purchase NFTs for use in the game. The proceeds of the sales are used to create prizes for the players and distribute MUST ⚗️ as cashback.
You can also rent spaceships directly on Layer2 via ComethRental !

5. What is MUST ⚗️

MUST is the main currency of the Cometh ecosystem. It is a (ERC20) token lying on the Ethereum blockchain. Learn more about Tokens and Hot to get MUST

6. join our Discord to get all the news !