Earn & Manage rewards 💰

Get your rewards and earn additional yields
You have successfully mined your first comet? Congratulations!

What rewards?

In Cometh; you can earn rewards in the form of tokens. 1. By actively playing the Cometh game and mining comets 2. By having Spaceships in the Cometh game, you will earn rewards each time players pull on your spaceship 3. By renting your Spaceships via ComethRental 4. By farming with your game rewards and tokens on Comethswap

2 types of rewards

  1. 1.
    Token rewards: when you mine asteroids charged with single tokens such as MUST or MATIC, you earn those tokens directly. When you rent spaceships or when someone pull itself to your ships, you earn fixed amounts of token rewards in the form of MUST.
  2. 2.
    LP token mining rewards: most asteroids are charged with LP tokens such as MUST / WETH. Those LP Tokens represent shares (%) of liquidity pools on ComethSwap. They will give you a % of all trades going through those ComethSwap pools and will allow you to farm for additional yields.