Play the game Without Metamask Wallet !

To transfer your Ships, you can follow this link :​
Cometh’s ambition is to gamify DeFi and make it accessible to everyone. To easily onboard new players, we’ve added the ability to play with just an email and starter kits, with spaceships ready to play, directly on Polygon’s L2.

The 1-click play experience

To eliminate the tedious step of bridging assets to Polygon, we are offering new players the opportunity to purchase a starterKit directly on L2. This kit contains everything you need to play Cometh immediately: A Ship (NFT) and Must (Token).

No Metamask? No problem

Remaining “non-custodial” without compromising user experience is hard, but thanks to an exclusive partnership with Stake DAO and the use of Magic Link, we offer a completely seamless experience for users unfamiliar with cryptos and blockchain.First mining ever without Metamask (GG Hazelstar ⚗️)
You can now register and play cometh without Metamask Wallet and therefore without having to confirm each action in a popup, everything is done in the background in a fluid and natural way.

No MATIC? No problem

Having Matic on Polygon has never been easier. No need to necessarily bridge them, you can now buy Matic directly with your credit card in just a few clicks.

Be ready for big events

All these onboarding improvements have a simple goal: Bring more people into the cometh ecosystem to create the first mainstream DeFi game in history. Right now the Starter Kit is limited to purchasing a spaceship NFT but it’s bound to be extended to less expensive Rental Kit while the login with email will be available on the rest of the Cometh ecosystem.
The Starter kit is already available in StakeDAO marketplace:

Get your starter kit now!

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