Multiple devices

A biometric signer, managed by the Webauthn standard, is dedicated to a particular device. Meaning, each device has its own secure enclave and its own keys. A biometric signer created on your iPhone 12 is a different signer than the one created on your Macbook, even if you have the same biometrics !

This featureis inherent to the WebAuthn standard and paramount for its security. Someone with access to your biometrics won’t be able to connect on another device than your own. However, you need to be able to access your wallet on several different devices - not only for convenience but also for security: you may lose your phone or computer. Cometh Connect allows you to add as many devices as you wish, with as many biometric signers as you need. Adding a new device is quick and straightforward. In under a minute, a new biometric signer linked to the device is created. However, a previous signer of the wallet, such as from the first registered device, must approve the request.

Similarly, you can just as easily remove devices and their associated signers.

Compatible with other signers

Cometh Connect simplifies wallet use while ensuring users maintain full control. Users can access their wallets with just a fingerprint, and, using the Safe infrastructure, can also add traditional EOAs via Metamask or Ledger as signers.Therefore, advanced users have the option to add any new owner to their safe (e.g., Ledger) and remove any signer (such as WebAuthn) if they want.

A brand new user can therefore start his experience with a single biometric-signer for his account, and add different types of signers as his web 3 knowledge improves over time, or as his assets grow in value.

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