Gasless transaction

Cometh Connect is built with native sponsored transactions management. By default, any transaction sent from the smart wallet is routed through a relayer that handles the gas payment. As a result, the user experience is seamless: simply click a button (and use your fingerprint if needed), and your transaction is sent to the blockchain. You don’t even need to understand what a transaction is or what gas fees are. Transactions identified as sponsored will be completely free for the user, while non-sponsored transactions are executed only if sufficient funds are available within the smart wallet to reimburse the relayer.

Cometh Connect also comes with a feature paramount to the economy of any dAPP implementing a wallet for their users : there is no initial gas cost to create and assign a wallet to a user. Thanks to smart contract properties, the address of the smart wallet is defined for each user without deploying the wallet itself. Assets can be sent to his wallet before its deployment ! The gas fee necessary to deploy the wallet on the blockchain will only be paid if the user decides to use his wallet ie. to make his first transaction.

This translates to an important economic factor for the dAPP as they will only pay the gas deployment fee of their real, active users, instead of any users joining.

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