Account Recovery

Cometh Connect enables Account Recovery, allowing a third party to be designated as a guardian. In the event that access to the wallet is lost, guardians can initiate a recovery procedure, allowing the user to regain access to their smart wallet through a new authentication provider.

It's crucial to underline that guardians have limited capabilities; they can solely initiate a recovery request and are incapable of conducting transactions or accessing the safe's funds. However, to prevent potential abuse, where a malicious guardian might attempt to designate their addresses as new owners of the safe, we have instituted a recovery period between the request's initiation and its finalization. During this period, if a user detects an unauthorized recovery request on their safe, they have the authority to cancel the request.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that users retain the flexibility to modify the composition of their guardians and enable or disable the social recovery module at their discretion, providing them with full control over their security measures.

Cometh Connect is a smart-wallet as a service, making any dAPP able to offer their own account recovery service if needed, especially by combining their usual “web2” client account to the social recovery service. For instance, they can serve as guardians for clients, who can then recover access using their standard web2 accounts.

Down the road, Cometh Connect will also enable social recovery, allowing users to designate friends, family or other trusted addresses they own as guardians.

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