Passkeys have specificities that you have to keep in mind

You might be running into these situations when interacting with the SDK:

  • Passkeys only works in secure contexts (HTTPS) and localhost. If you try to run it on HTTP context, passkeys won't be available.

  • Passkeys are bound to domain (and subdomains), if you create a signer on "cometh.io" it won't be available on "battle.io", but it will be available on "marketplace.cometh.io" (the reverse won't work: passkey created on subdomain won't be available on root domain). The same way, if you create a signer on localhost it won't be available in a deployed domain.

Can I use the same wallet on multiple devices?

To use the same wallet on multiple device, there's 2 ways:

  • Your browser/os allows synced passkeys. For example with Apple, using iCloud keychain, enables you to synchronize your passkeys through iPhones and MacBook computers using iCloud (Google also support it with Chrome profiles). That way you can connect to a wallet using the same signer on multiple devices.

  • Through the Add device feature. You can add devices as new signer for your account, which will allow you to connect from multiple devices.

Using the Add device feature, are all signers equal?

Yes, the main signer created at account creation and all new signers created through the add device feature have equal rights.

Can I give a name to a created signer?

Yes, you can give a name to a created signer using the passkeyName field when creating the account or when you initiate a signer request.

Is my browser/OS compatible with passkeys?

You can find more information through this link:

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