Retrieve a wallet Address

Retrieve your user wallet without a backend

With Cometh Connect, you can retrieve the walletAddress of your user without interacting with a backend.

To do so, you'll need to let your user sign with one of the passkey that was used to create a wallet. With the signature, we'll be able to retrieve and send back the wallet address linked to the user.

This is the code needed to implement that feature.

import { ConnectAdaptor, ComethWallet } from "@cometh/connect-sdk";

const walletAdaptor = new ConnectAdaptor({
  chainId: YOUR_CHAIN_ID,
  apiKey: API_KEY,

const walletAddress = await adaptor.retrieveWalletAddressFromSigner()

const wallet = new ComethWallet({
  authAdapter: walletAdaptor,
  apiKey: API_KEY,

await wallet.connect(walletAddress);

The user will have to select the passkey and sign a message in order to retrieve the wallet address.

He will then be able to connect to the wallet.

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