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Cometh offers a web3 development platform empowering developers to build Web3 games and DApps with ease.
NFT & Marketplace APIs Documentation

Connect: Biometry & Account Abstraction as a Service

Cometh Connect simplifies how a user interacts with the blockchain and drastically improves the onboarding experience, going as far as completely abstracting wallets from users while using non-custodial solutions — offering a web2-like experience within web3.
Cometh Connect allows users to create and manage their wallets with nothing else than their biometrics, safely secured on their device’s secure enclaves (smartphones, laptops…). Cometh Connect also enables sponsored transactions, allowing dApps to handle users’ transaction fees, completely abstracting the concept of gas for daily users. Essentially, end-users won’t need to pay gas fees on their favorite dApps, ever.

NFT & Marketplace APIs

Cometh Marketplace allows you to integrate NFT functionality into your applications through NFT Marketplace APIs simplifying your user’s experience. It leverages the usage of the off-chain 0x protocol and provides advanced features all marketplaces should have. It includes a built-in indexer to efficiently query and retrieve the necessary data for your dApp, as well as a built-in Relayer for the user’s transaction sponsorship.

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