What are Spaceships

All you need to know about Cometh Spaceships 🛸
Spaceships are yield-earning blockchain-based assets (NFT) that enable gamers to play the Cometh game. Sounds cosmic to you? Read on.

What are spaceships in Cometh?

Spaceships are vessels capable of mining smart asteroids. On the blockchain, spaceships are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) based on the ERC721 and ERC1155 standards. A spaceship can be pulled in space towards another spaceship in order to get closer to a smart asteroid. Spaceships can be upgraded with other NFTs such as better drilling tools, engines or crew members that have effects of the spaceship abilities in game. Find all spaceships collections

What gives the spaceships value?

Spaceships inherit from NFT characteristics, which make them useful, digitally scarce, traceable, monetizable, interoperable and truly ownable.
Spaceships are
  • Useful: allow you to play the Cometh game(s)
  • Unique: each spaceship is unique
  • Tamper-proof: impossible to copy
  • Scarce: limited in numbers per collection, depending on their rarity (1 to 1000)
  • Traceable: minting and exchanges are public
  • Monetizable: allow to earn in-game rewards (mining), passive pulling rewards and sell it back on secondary markets
  • Interoperable: you can buy/sell spaceships on any platform supporting the ERC721 (NFT) standard. Anyone can build a game using spaceships as in-game assets (example:
  • Truly ownable: spaceship ownership is valid in but also in the whole Ethereum blockchain.
You can rent your ships to earn additional passive income on them via: