Rental FAQ

Rental FAQ

How are revenues shared?

The borrower receives 100% of the reward from pulls. The lender and borrower share the mining reward (according to the terms of the rental contract).

What are the fees?

Protocole Fees 5% of Rental price (with minimum of 0.0003 MUST). These fees are used to host the service, fund comets and are redistributed to players.
Provisioned Exit Fee 0.001 MUST * number of ships in the offer. These fees ensure that the owner of the ships will get them back from the game at the end of the rental contract.

Who pays the fees?

The borrower.

What happens at the end of the rental contract?

Nothing, as long as neither party closes the contract, the rental continues.

Does player statistics include rental statistics?

Not yet, but we are working on it.

Why can’t I rent Rez Ships (Don’t Buy Meme)?

Rez Ships are based on the 1155 NFT standard. Cometh rental does not support this standard yet.

Do I have to exit my ships from the game to be able to rent them?


How to exit my ships from the game?

In game, click on your ship name in the top left corner, and click on “Leave Galaxy”.

Can we stop a rental before its end date?

No, unless both players agree to end the contract. Note that this function is not yet available in the UI but it is available in the Renting Contract.

How do I claim the gain generated during the rental?

Lenders or borrowers can claim their earnings at any time during the rental. At the end of the rental (triggered by the lender or borrower) the earnings are automatically transferred.
NB: Rewards of borrowed ships are not displayed yet. This will soon be available.