Cometh Rental allows any cometh spaceship owner (lender) to rent spaceships to other players (borrower) on Layer2 and share mining rewards generated in-game.
It allows Lenders to earn passive rewards on their spaceships. It allows Borrowers to earn more rewards by having more powerful ships to play with.
Cometh vision is to make the first blockchain game accessible and rewarding to all participants. Cometh Rental push it one step further by providing additional revenue streams while enabling anyone to play at low cost.
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A rental offer must have:
  • A spaceship or a list of spaceships: to rent your spaceships, they must be on Layer2 (sent via the bridge, and exited from the game)
  • a Duration: max duration during which rental happens.
  • a Revenue sharing: percentage of mining reward going to the borrower. 100% of Pull fees are going to the borrower.
  • Entry cost: one-time fee paid by the borrower to the lender for the rental.
The borrower pays a fixed price to the lender when the rental starts and share rewards (based on a % fixed by the lender) until the rental ends.
Cometh Rental works as follow:

Open Offers

On the main screen you will see “Open rental offers”. This shows the spaceships available to borrow.
  • Click on one of the offer to see the details and proceed with lending. You will need to “Allow” Cometh to let you start the rental.

Create rental offer

Click on “Create rental offer” to lend your spaceship(s)
Select a Duration, Revenue sharing (%) and Entry cost to Publish the Rental offer

Manage rental

On “Manage rental”, you will see your current rentals (spaceships you are currently borrowing) and “My rental offers” ie. Spaceships you are currently offering to lend.
Should you want to modify the offer, delete it and redo it.
“In Progress” Rentals will show as follow, you can claim rewards at any time.
Try it now:​