Manage rewards in Comethswap

​Comethswap is a decentralized exchange that will allow you to display and manage your Cometh rewards, as well as buying, selling and farming tokens.

Manage Rewards on Comethswap

Head to ComethSwap to manage your rewards.
You can manage your in-game rewards in different ways

Provide Liquidity

Become a liquidity provider directly with the LP tokens you get by playing the game! You just have to find the matching pool under the farm tab and deposit your LP tokens.
By doing so, you will get a share of the weekly $MUST rewards allocated to the pools. By increasing your provided liquidity, you increase your weekly MUST rewards, to learn more about the liquidity provider rewards take a look here ​

Remove liquidity

If you don't want to be liquidity provider on ComethSwap, you can also withdraw your LP tokens. To do so click on "manage" and "remove" in the Comethswap Pool section:​
After the transaction, it will be transfer to you address and you will be able to swap your tokens into any other cryptos

Withdraw tokens

Your rewards sit on Matic/Polygon's Layer2. You can withdraw tokens from there to Ethereum Mainnet via two ways: 1. Use to withdraw MUST 2. Use to withdraw any token NB: Make sure you remove liquidity from pools before withdrawing tokens (or you will not be able to do withdraw)