Farm tokens on Ethereum L1 via Sushiswap

Cometh and MUST recently integrated SushiSwap Onsen, a liquidity mining program on one of the most famous Layer1 DEX on Ethereum mainnet. Read the full announcement:

How to farm tokens on Sushiswap

  1. 2.
    Provide liquidity with WETH & MUST
3. Head to, look for the MUST / WETH pair, "Approve Staking" and "Stake"

For past UNI-V2 liquidity providers

⚠️ Action required: swap out that 🦄 for a 🍣

No more rewards are distributed here. Please migrate liquidity to Sushiswap.
  • 1 - Unstake your uni-v2 LP token from cometh Staking reward.
  • 2 - Remove Liquidity from uniswap on this page select max and click approve then remove.
  • 3 - Provide liquidity on Sushiswap on this page select ETH instead of WETH, set the liquidity and finally: Supply.
Deposit LiquidityApprove Uni-V2
When you Harvest your earned ⚗️MUST, they are directly transferred in the TUBE contract🧪
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