A new way to move
With Multi Jump, you are not limited to one jump at a time to move your ship anymore.
Prepare for your move by adding the different jumps you want to make and perform them in a single transaction.
Make a move with more than one Jump
Start like before, select your jump target (a spaceship) and click on it
You can now Jump like before …. or add another jump to your move.
Press SHIFT, and click on the second target you want to jump on.SHIFT + Left click to add another jump
You can add up to 10 jumps to your move.

Remove a Jump

Just right click on the step you want to remove, it will disappear

Edit your Move

By clicking on a jump step, you can see its details (target, price) and decide to remove it by clicking on the cross.
You can also navigate to the previous and next steps by clicking “2” and “4” to see their details.

Is there a difference between a “n Jump” Move (multi jump) and jumping “n” time.

No, there is no difference. Actually, when you execute your n Jump Move, it is like doing n Jump with n transactions (except that you only pay for one Tx). You will pay the “pull price” to each target, and the same fee will be collected by cometh. This is a batch of n Jumps executed in a single transaction.