Cometh Rovers, a new mining mechanism 🤖

Get ready to have a new way of getting reward, Cometh now uses the “Machinery” stats from your spaceship to allow you to deposit a rover on some specific comets, let him mine and get it back with the rewards later. And these comets are radioactives, you cannot mine them directly.
Not sure what is the Machinery? Read the spaceship characteristics​

Deposit your rover on a radioactive comet

You will find radioactive comets on some SOLS (NB: recently spotted on SOL4). Radioactive comets are comets with glowy borders. They cannot be touched directly but shine in space.A radioactive comet passing by
To start, the overall gameplay remains the same. The same way you would mine a comet, cross the radioactive comet orbit, and you’ll then receive a notification to let you deposit your rover on the comet. But be careful, a comet can only contain a limited amount of rovers.
You can deposit only one rover per ship, but you can still mine classic comets while your rover is away!

Track your rover

While your rover is on a comet, he will mine every second. On the top right notification, you can see the Reward per second (Rwd) and the remaining resources (Rmn).
With the new interface you can see the potential reward for each of your rover on the comet, and the total of all of them.
On this notification you can also see the “Claimable (all)” statistic. This represents the sum of all rover rewards and can exceed the comet remaining. This is represented by the “%” category. It will show you the danger of keeping your rover on the comet, because when a comet has no remaining, it’s destroyed and the rover gets back to you, empty!

Harvest your rover and the reward

To get your rewards and your rover back, you have to cross again the comet orbit. You’ll receive a new notification that will allow you to harvest your rover and the reward at the time of the comet encounter.
And remember when a comet has no remaining, it’s destroyed and the rover gets back to you, empty-handed !

First Radiocative comet’s characteristics

  • Reward total : 1000$
  • Reward Rate / rover / hour : 0.41$
  • Capacity: 100 Rover
  • Revolution: 20 minutes