Find here the most common questions (to be completed)


My Spaceship/MUST disappeared during a L1<>L2 transfer

You will probably find your ships and MUST right here • Go to: • Search for your ETH address (starts with 0x....) • Find the transaction related to the transfer • Copy the Transaction hash

I have an error while trying to mine a comet / jumping ?

How is jump/pull price calculated?

Jump/Pull price is based on what players set as pull price

How are fees calculated?

Fees on Jumps are 5%, going back to comets for players to mine

Why fees?

Fees on Jumps are here to feed comets with game proceeds as well as preventing players to jump when not necessary.

Can I buy or redeem Spaceship on Matic?

Not from the "Cometh forge"yet, we’re working on it. However you can buy secondary market spaceship on


How do I use ComethSwap?

How do I earn rewards on ComethSwap?


What is Mining Range?

Range around your spaceship to mine comets

What is Mining Power?

% of Mining rewards that you will get by mining comets

What are Mining Rewards?

# of tokens you will mine by getting close to a comet with your spaceship

What is Mining Cooldown?

Duration (in seconds) after mining a comets during which you cannot mine