How to provide liquidity and Farm on ComethSwap ⚗️

How to provide liquidity on ComethSwap⚗️ and chase the highest yield on Polygon (Matic)
1. Go on ComethSwap to add liquidity in your favorite pool. You need to add the same amount of each token (you can swap before to adjust it if needed, don’t worry $50 fees are over, a swap cost you almost nothing on Polygon 😊)
2. After approving tokens, you just need to supply liquidity to receive your “Liquidity providing tokens”
3 . Congrats, you did it 🎉 Come back to the Pool tab
4. Last but not least, you can stake your LP token to chase the highest yield on Polygon network 💰💰
Now you just need to choose the pool you just provided to and hit deposit, approve and confirm and you’ll enjoy the highest APY 🤑
When you come back to the “Farm tab”, you’ll see your investment and will be able to manage it 🚀
About the MUST ⚗️ token: this ERC20 token fuels the Cometh Metaverse economics. MUST ⚗️ can be used to play Cometh, rent a spaceship NFT, stake to mint NFT etc.