Buy Crypto with Credit Cards on Polygon Layer2 with ComethSwap

You can now buy Crypto with Credit Cards on Layer2 with ComethSwap* 🎉
Allowing anyone to buy crypto with credit cards is a huge progress for the whole ecosystem. It allows users to purchase crypto with fiat currencies and have the freedom to trade as much as they want at no cost while remaining custodian of their funds.
This is the beauty of decentralized (ie. non-custodial) exchanges on Ethereum Layer2 (ie. fast & low-cost). Widening the access to those services is a gateway to mainstream crypto adoption, which Cometh aims to pave the way for.

How to buy crypto with credit cards on Polygon Layer2 with ComethSwap?

Once you have a crypto-wallet (Metamask) connected, the BUY button will appear in the header to allow you to purchase crypto with credit cards.
Don’t have Metamask? You will need it, it’s your crypto-wallet: Download now.​
Make sure to copy & paste your wallet address from Metamask to the 'YOUR MATIC ADDRESS' field not to make any mystake!
Currently, you can purchase DAI, USDC & MATIC.
  • Select your payment method
  • Select your amount
  • Double Check
  • Confirm
You are all set! Your Metamask wallet will now be charged with the corresponding amount of crypto-currency that you can trade using ComethSwap (or any other L2 DEX based on Polygon).
*Brought to you by on Comethswap